Pelican Plants

Welcome to PelicanPlants.

We are amateur gardeners based in Nottinghamshire, England who have decided to spread our knowledge through the web. We have a large garden, allotments, polytunnels and greenhouses. We enjoy growing tomatoes (in particular) and always grow more plants than we can use ourselves. Up until 2013, we made these available through ebay. In 2014 we tried selling direct through this website with enough success to continue for future years.

The intention of this website is to broadcast our knowledge of how to grow tomatoes and where to source seeds. We have grown or are growing all of the tomato varieties described (unless we say we haven't) on this website and (hopefully) will be making them available this year.

Each page gives a description of the variety and a list of companies who supply seeds.

We are hoping to expand the website for registered users, allowing discussions, newsletters and other things

Whilst, in previous years, we have grown plugplants for sale, the cost of mailing small quantities of plants has become prohibitive. It has also become obvious that there are more varieties of plants for sale than when we started our website and we have therefore updated the site to show places where people in the UK can buy tomato plants from larger organisations than us.

The main site starts here with a pictorial description of all the tomatoes we have grown in the past or are planning to grow this year.

This page lists other tomato varieties which we haven't grown ourselves but which we've found suppliers whilst searching around for our own seeds and for which we have pictures.

This page lists the varieties we plan to grow this year and which we have grown in previous years.

Over the last 12 months we have been using a Bokashi Bin system as part of our composting cycle. Whilst this has nothing directly to do with tomatoes, we've found that it improves our recycling and composting by enabling us to compost waste that would otherwise have gone into landfill, without encouraging vermin. So we recommend Evengreener as a place to buy such things.