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What Tomatoes to Grow in 2018?

I’m a member of an internet tomato seed swap. The simple idea is that a number of you collect your own seed, bag them up and send them to somebody who (very kindly) gathers them al up and sends them … Continue reading

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Recipe: Butternut Squash & Potato Corn Chowder

This is a simple to make rich soup, reheats in the microwave well and freezes. Ingredients in italics we’ve grown ourselves (maybe from the freezer). Ingredients Butter & Oil 3 Onions finely chopped  750g Potatoes cut onto small chunks 750g Butternut Squash 600g Sweetcorn blitzed … Continue reading

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Can a Waterbutt of water affect the temperature in a Polytunnel?

I’ve seen a number of discussions as to whether putting a waterbutt filled with water in the polytunnel would help to avoid frosts and (possibly) encourage earlier growth by raising the average temperature in the polytunnel. Whilst there was a … Continue reading

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Recipe: Sausage Casserole

This is a simple to make meal for two which is simple to double (or more) up, reheats in the microwave well and freezes. It also makes a good base for a soup. Ingredients 1 tblsp Oil 250g Sausages 1 … Continue reading

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