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  • Should you grow Multiple Stems on Indeterminate Tomatoes? - There are essentially three different types of tomatoes, Indeterminate, Semi-Determinate and Determinate. They are defined by their growth habits. In this article we are going to consider growing Indeterminate tomatoes on a non-commercial scale. Indeterminate tomatoes are usually grown in … Continue reading
  • What Tomatoes to Grow in 2018? - I’m a member of an internet tomato seed swap. The simple idea is that a number of you collect your own seed, bag them up and send them to somebody who (very kindly) gathers them al up and sends them … Continue reading
  • Can a Waterbutt of water affect the temperature in a Polytunnel? - I’ve seen a number of discussions as to whether putting a waterbutt filled with water in the polytunnel would help to avoid frosts and (possibly) encourage earlier growth by raising the average temperature in the polytunnel. Whilst there was a … Continue reading
  • Tomato Zhefen Short - Medium sized red heritage tomato on determinate plants. Description Zhefen Short is said to be a “tasty 3-inch slightly oval pink tomato that grows on 3ft – 4ft plants. Good juice, sweet/acid balance and great taste. Excellent for a short … Continue reading
  • Tomato Yellow Stuffer - Yellow bell shaped open pollinated tomato on indeterminate plants. Description Yellow Stuffer has yellow, bell-pepper shaped tomatoes with a large cavity and few seeds.. The indeterminate, regular-leafed, plants produce a good crop of bell-pepper shaped yellow fruit, ideal for stuffing … Continue reading
  • Tomato Yellow Pigmy - Yellow cherry heritage tomato on compact determinate plants. Description Yellow Pigmy is a small yellow cherry tomato that grows on a small determinate plant. Similar in some respects to Tumbling Tom Yellow. Its tasty and worth growing for the fact … Continue reading
  • Tomato Yellow Brandywine - Yellow beefsteak heritage tomato on indeterminate plants. Description Yellow Brandywine is a beefsteak tomato with possibly the best flavour of all the yellow tomatoes. In 2012 we also grew Azoychka as a yellow beefsteak. Azoychka was slightly more productive but … Continue reading
  • Tomato White Zebra - White striped medium sized open pollinated tomato on indeterminate plants. Description This is said to be a white striped tomato. However, when we grew it (in 2014) our plant (just one) produced standard red tomatoes so we assumed that the … Continue reading
  • Tomato White Queen - White beefsteak heritage tomato on indeterminate plants. Description White Queen is a “white” Beefsteak tomato. The Indeterminate regular leafed plant produces very sweet, very pale, beefsteak tomatoes of about 6-8ounces late in the season. It is very fragrant, smooth-skinned with … Continue reading
  • Tomato White Currant - Pea sized white open pollinated tomato on compact indeterminate plants. Description White Currant  produces large numbers of tiny creamy white fruit on a sprawling plant which (whilst we have defined it as a “compact indeterminate”) can grow large under the … Continue reading