Tomato Chocolate Cherry

A dark brown/black heritage cherry tomato on indeterminate plants.


This pretty chocolate almost black skinned cherry tomato has a sharp flavour unusual in black tomatoes. Very similar to (but slightly larger than) Rosella, it keeps well and seems less prone to splitting than Rosella. We grew this in 2015 and would grow it again in the rotation of Brown/Black cherry tomatoes.

Like all black cherry tomatoes they are good in salads but tend to be a bit too juicy for cooking.

Chocolate Cherry
Chocolate Cherry
Chocolate Cherry & Brown Berry

Quick Facts

  • Fruit Type: Cherry
  • Fruit Shape: Round
  • Fruit Size: 15 grams
  • Fruit Colour: Brown/Black
  • Flesh Colour: red-purple
  • Plant Type: Indeterminate
  • Seed Type: Heritage
  • Leaf Type: Regular
  • Time to Ripe: Early
  • Taste: Bright & Sharp
  • Fruit per Truss: 6-10
  • Truss Spacing: 12 inches
  • Alternatives: Rosella, Brown Berry, Black Cherry
  • Our Source: Pennard Plants
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