Tomato Garden Pearl

Pink/Red Cherry heritage tomato on Determinate plants.


Garden Pearl (also known as Gartenperle) is an unusual coloured cherry tomato. An early ripening, determinate, regular leafed tomato, one of the best varieties for hanging baskets and patio tubs. Pink to rosy red, small, bite sized fruits produced in cascades over a long cropping season. The fruits have an excellent taste but unlike many cherry tomatoes are more flesh than juice. Dwarf bush plants cascade and so should be lifted off the ground. We tend to grow them on the bench in the polytunnel which means that the plants can drape down without touching the ground.

In 2017 we grew them in pots suspended from the frame of the polytunnel and this worked well except for the fact that they needed to be kept well watered which was slightly more difficult.

In 2018 we grew them outdoors and they did well (it was a good year).

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Garden Pearl
Garden Pearl
Garden Pear, Gartenperle

Quick Facts

  • Fruit Type: Cherry
  • Fruit Shape: Roundish, slightly pointed
  • Fruit Size:1 inch
  • Fruit Colour: Pink/Red
  • Flesh Colour: Pink/Red
  • Plant Type: Determinate
  • Seed Type: Heritage
  • Leaf Type: Regular
  • Time to Ripe: Early (55-70 Days)
  • Taste: Sweet
  • Fruit per Truss: 8-12
  • Truss Spacing: N/A
  • Alternatives: N/A
  • Our Source: Nicky's Seeds

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